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Scrapbook by faithwalker Scrapbook by faithwalker
A combination of photography and drawing. Obviously the carnation and leaves are real and the rest is graphite on paper. No photo-manip was done.
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WarthogDemon Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012   Writer
Cool. :)
azzza Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2006  Student Interface Designer
Wow! A great composition! I just love it :)
the-wanderer Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2002
Absolutely beautiful. I love this. The red stands out and the drawing of the mother, showing that she shines in the memory and the red geranium being the current thoughts and wish to be with mother.
This is special.
alcatraz Featured By Owner May 3, 2001
wow, very beautiful contrast. I love this

oturhan Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2001
looks like classical mediavel artwork...

brazensix Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2001
Very nice. I love how it all comes together so cleanly. Great work.

Mathias -Ever wanted to kill your best friend?
iamall Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2001
Yeah, good work. The contrast between photos and sketch fits wery well, and so do the colors.
gunther- Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2001
Wow, this really fits together well. The contrast between the book sketch and the flower really sets this piece off. Your sketching skills are also great.
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