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Send Her My Love by faithwalker Send Her My Love by faithwalker
My first release. The low-tech #2 pencil. I welcome your comments.

Going for something a little different in the wallpaper section.
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fatelessmirror Nov 9, 2002

Even had a little dream at an early start. Joy.

snowmask Apr 7, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
the style definetely caught my eye...
what intrigues me the most is that those lovely little flowers here are pink
i dunno why I just have a thing for sketches~ just like that raw feeling
the colour is lovely as well :) (Smile)
Snowflake SnOwMaSk Snowflake

. . . close enough for me . . .

Very nice drawing, perfect title. It's made it's mark in my thoughts, send her my love, and he's standing there, looking into this contraption, with two flowers, roses. Which stand out in a dull, unpleasant, sad surrounding.
alcatraz May 3, 2001
very strong! You're now on my artist watch!

This rocks. I draw and paint. (have A BFA and MEd. in art) I teach art. in High school. and I think this is great. Don't stop drawing.

you have a very own style. i am not able to rate it, unfortunately i have no relation to these kinds of drawing...

herr-o Apr 11, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
I would like to see some more depth in the background.. maybe a few clouds, a horizon or something..
I agree with what the others think! What I like most is the combination of tech. and nature. Looks very interesting.

How did you get the Idea? ;) (Wink)

::Greetings ::

that is really nice work-especially for a pencil sketch...i like your style -very reminiscent of "70's animation...look forward to seeing more from you


I love it. How did u do that? GREAT WORK
:When the going gets tough, arouse your brute instinct:
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